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Milwaukee Winter Farmer's Market
Highland Fitness

8:00 am - 12:00 pm
June 3rd through October 14th 

Tosa Farmer's Market

Healthy living starts from the
ground up!

Our soils have become nothing more than a medium to hold the plants upright.  Our soils now lack structure, organic matter, and biology.  Without these our soils are not alive, just dirt.

With this in mind, we have developed two products that will set the home gardener on the path to regenerating their soil health. 

All Natural Potting Soil

​Our All Natural Potting Soil is a rich mixture of peat moss, African night crawler worm castings, humus compost, and shredded mulch.  This combination offers optimal nutrition whether germinating or transplanting.  The high level of microbial life combined with the excellent soil structure will also improve existing plant beds. 

​​ Midseason Boost

Our Midseason Boost is a blend of African night crawler worm castings and humus compost.  This mixture is designed to give your plant an extra boost of essential nutrients, while creating a natural environment for the diverse microbiology that helps transport nutrition to the plant roots.