About Us

Our goal is to increase the profit for agricultural producers and create bigger, healthier and more nutritious produce for home gardeners by building soil wealth through the controlled growing of biodiverse organics all while improving the health of the environment and the people in it. 

How do we do this?  All plants, be it flora, vegetable, fruit, grasses,  or any agricultural crop, depend on the quality of the soil in which it is grown for its life.  The higher the quality of soil, the higher the quality of plant.  By using a complex cotrolled process for manufacturing humus compost, 100% african night crawler worm castings and boosting it with OMRI certified biological innoculants and mineral additives, we create a soil "organic matter bank" that increases your soil wealth.  By increasing soil wealth you can grow more produce on the same amount of land, decrease or eliminate your dependence on chemical fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides and have the biggest, healthiest most nutritious and tasties harvest ever.